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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ladies, your nads are mad Nad's

Well, if not your gonads then at least your reproductive tract, or so the self-righteously silly bitch seems to think. I was going to rant about it but Mummy Long Legs already has and The Daily Mash have covered the bit that really bothers me, that anyone else gets a say over someone else's body parts, more entertainingly that I could have.
After realising the nation's wombs were being used wrongly, Dorries wants abortions to be available only to women who can complete a series of physical and mental challenges, equivalent to competing simultaneously in Mastermind and Total Wipeout.


She added: "It is now time for me to fulfill my destiny as gatekeeper at the uterus of every woman in Britain, shooing away gynaecologists like a vagina-based Cerberus in lipstick and fuck-me shoes."
Vagina based Cerberus in lipstick
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