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Thursday, 25 August 2011

On the subject of smoking...

... I noticed just now while putting up a picture gadget to promote the the Wozza-Thompson e-petition to review the smoking ban that the number of signatures has roughly quadrupled in the day and a half or so since I added mine. Good start, and let's all liberty loving types, whether we're non-smokers or smokers, do what we can to keep that ball rolling. As I explained the other day, if you don't smoke but you drink then you're next, if you're a bit on the tubby side then you're right after the drinkers, and if you're neither you have a little bit of breathing space but you'd be very foolish indeed to believe that you're not on the list for something. Those jackboots of intolerance are marching towards you too, and if you can't hear them yet I assure you that you will eventually.
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