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Friday, 1 April 2011

April meta-fool

I don't normally quote en bloc but I quite like this by Richard Wallingham in The Age.
OUTGOING Victorian Senator Steve Fielding has launched an ambitious plan to ban the telling of lies on April 1 to help stem the ‘‘ever-growing annual tradition of playing practical jokes on less intelligent Australians.’’

“The pranks have gotten more nasty and more tricky,’’ Senator Fielding said.

‘‘Today, Senator [Stephen] Conroy told me that there was a mistake in the counting at the election and I will be coming back to the Senate in July.’’

The Family First senator, who lost his seat at last year’s election, said banning lies on April 1 would be a sensible measure to protect gullible Australians.

‘‘I was so happy that I released a press release, but then everyone started laughing and the horrible joke became clear. It’s unfair, and I won’t stand for it.”


In embracing the April Fools' Day spirit, he said a Family First government would respect the rights of all Australians ‘‘to not be molested by pranksters.’’ ...
Commit this to memory, for the day is probably coming when someone suggests this in August.
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