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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Veil fail

Well, we all knew the French were going to go ahead with their plan to liberate women by ordering them about what they should wear, and predictably enough the tiny minority who do go veiled are a bit pissed off about it.
Kenza Drider, a 32-year-old, travelled to Paris from her home in Provence to force a confrontation with police, and was one of those arrested.
There were minor scuffles as officers apprehended her outside Notre Dame Cathedral together with another niqab-wearer staging an illegal demonstration against the new law.
So not just dictating to women over their choice of clothing but also telling them they may not protest and arresting them if they don't comply. Yep, that's women's lib alright. I'd recognise it anywhere.

Although Belgium has approved a ban in principle, France is the first to introduce a full ban on a garment which immigration minister Eric Besson has called a "walking coffin".
While French women face fines and "civic duty" guidance if they break the law, men who force their wives or daughters to wear burkas will face up to a year in prison, and fines of up to £25,000.
Don't get me wrong, I think it looks daft as well, though I've always described it as looking like a Ninja version of Demis Roussos, and it should go without saying that I have no problem with the law going after men who force females in their family to wear veils when they'd rather not. But if a woman wants to then for fuck's sake let her. I haven't hit my head and come over all PC here. I just feel that it's her life, her choice, and respecting her wishes even if we don't like them or view them as archaic is what's truly liberal. Forcing her to dress as we'd prefer is anything but.

Still, in the spirit of compromise I've had a look through the interwebs and found that someone has already created an ensemble outfit which should be an acceptable middle ground. Or at least offensive to everybody.

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