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Sunday, 31 July 2011

When you want to know what to do just ask a celebrity

Number Six's mum?
Why ask people who do it for a living when slebs always seem to have all the answers.
[Olivia Newton-John] - in a comment piece in The Sunday Age - has called for a moratorium on fracking until all health, social and environmental risks have been examined.
I have to say she's looking very good for her age. Suspiciously good in fact. Hmmmmm... Apparently not ageing, blonde but with slightly dead eyes, and possessed of a calculated misanthropy while being keen on hybrids. And she's against fracking too, which with everything else we're not allowed to do anymore is almost the only pleasure left. There are very likely lots more just like her too.

Scary thought. If she gets upset when someone mentions toasters then we may be in a lot of trouble.

Olivia? Do us a favour.

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