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Sunday, 10 July 2011

It could only be a government operation

Via the von Mises blog.
... government job-service engine Workforce Central Florida said it was spending more than $70,000 of federal stimulus money to help the unemployed by handing out 6,000 satiny capes for jobless “superheroes” to “fight” “Dr. Evil Unemployment.”
I've read that sentence a number of times in the hope of seeing a hint of sanity, or failing that a way of outdoing it to take the piss, but it's simply so window-lickingly deranged that I just can't. It also says something about how I've come to view expanding government that when I googled for confirmation of this it was not in expectation that this Dr Evil Unemployment crap would turn out to be bogus but in fear that it was probably true. Sure enough, from Workforce Central Florida's site (PDF):
WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA takes on Dr. Evil Unemployment with new Cape-A-Bility Challenge
WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA is inviting the area’s job seekers and employers to join the fight against unemployment in Central Florida with its new Cape-A-Bility Challenge. The Challenge, beginning April 11 and running through June 30, takes on WCF’s comic book villain, Dr. Evil Unemployment, and offers job seekers and employers the opportunity to win $1,000 prize packs.
Christ alive.
How can Central Florida help fight Dr. Evil Unemployment?
Job Seekers: To enter, job seekers must complete one of the following activities:
  • Take the WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA Facebook Quiz, “What Superhero Are You?
  • Become a fan of WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA on Facebook
  • Recommend someone on LinkedIn using the word “Super”
  • Tweet a job opening from the WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA online job bank
  • Take a photo with Dr. Evil Unemployment at a WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA or JobVantage location and uploadling it to the microsite by emailing it to
Once the task is complete, job seekers must visit any WORKFORCE CENTRAL FLORIDA or JobVantage office with proof of the activity. All job seekers who show proof of the activity will be provided the official entry form and an official Cape-A-Bility cape (while supplies last).
And we in the west think we've got it so much better than mad banana republics where dictators, pseudo generals and Presidents-for-Life rob their people and spunk the money away on Saville Row suits, gold plated Rolls Royces and AK-47s with ivory grips. Okay, actually we have got it better, but that doesn't mean we've got it right. The point is we're still robbed, albeit by well meaning folk who are using our money to pave the road to hell with their good intentions for us.

Further comment will have to wait while I mop all this blood off the desk and wait for the headache to go away.
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