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Saturday, 2 July 2011

She said, he said...

While not wanting to go to bat for Dominique Struass-Khan, who I'm quite prepared to believe is a complete sleazebag, the fact the prosecution are treading water while they "reassess ... the strength of the case" does make it sound like it could be one for Julia to add to her collection. Particularly because of this (my bold):
However, "substantial credibility issues" have been found with the maid, Ms Illuzzi-Orbon told the court, following a "comprehensive and thorough investigation of all aspects of this case, including the background of the complainant and her various statements about the incident".
A filing to the court confirmed extraordinary overnight leaks to the media, stating that the Guinean single mother had admitted lying on her application for asylum in the US in 2004, lying about previously being raped and l (sic) on her income tax returns.
But perhaps most crucially, having repeatedly claimed that after the alleged attack "she fled to an area of the main hallway" of the Sofitel and hid until Mr Strauss-Kahn left his suite, she now admits she "proceeded to clean a nearby room" before reporting the incident to her supervisor, the filing said.
So now he's no longer under house arrest and is free, kinda sorta. The case hasn't yet been dismissed and since his passport hasn't been returned he's not yet able to go back to France, but if the case against him was looking shaky a day or two ago it's looking almost terminal now and you wouldn't want to put money on him being stuck in the US much longer. There's no doubt that there was sex but one party says it was forced and the other that it was consensual, and neither seem all that trustworthy and believable to me. The bottom line is that maybe he did it but if you can't prove it to a jury then he didn't, and right now with the credibility of the alleged victim in doubt that looks like it'll come down to what evidence there is of violence and how convincing it might be to a jury. If American prosecutors are like their UK and Aussie counterparts they probably prefer not to back a likely losing case in court.

So, is he rapist or is she a liar? We simply have no idea at this point and about all we can be fairly sure of is that he's a first class shit, and I'm not even sure that disqualifies him from political office or the IMF job he was after.
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