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Friday, 15 July 2011

And more damned lies

Toby Young, writing in The Telegraph (yes, I know I keep taking the piss out of it but some of the blog writers there are pretty good) dissects Gloomy McSnotmuncher's speech. It was good to see that a couple of MPs brought him up on the McBride-Whelan business and asked why the Browns were still pally with the Murdochs and with Rebekah Brooks two and three years after the story on their son ran, but there was another little oddity that I'd missed elsewhere.
If, as Brown claims, the Cabinet Secretary obstructed his efforts to order a judicial inquiry into the dastardly goings-on at News International, why did Sir Gus O’Donnell issue a denial immediately after the speech claiming that the decision not to launch an inquiry was Brown’s and Brown’s alone? Sir Gus is now seeking permission to publish the confidential advice to rebut the allegation.
Well, I can't see how the two sides of that story can both be true. I have no idea how much light it might shed on things but still, let's hope Sir Gus O'Donnell gets the okay to back up his version of events, or failing that publishes it anyway. There'll be a replacement for the NotW soon enough though if technically it's not supposed to be published they might not want it. Bit soon, really.

Gordon Brown's or Sir Gus O'Donnell's? Place your bets.

H/T to The Libertarian Alliance.
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