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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Oh, fuuuuuh... (Fit the First)

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He announced that two public inquiries would be established, with an independent investigation into media ethics and standards to be announced within weeks.
The media inquiry could lead to the introduction of laws to police the press, raising concerns that freedom of speech could suffer as a consequence of the phone hacking scandal.
[Cameron] described the News of the World scandal as a “wake-up call” and added: “Over the decades, on the watch of both Labour leaders and Conservative leaders, politicians and the press have spent time courting support, not confronting the problems.
“Well, it’s on my watch that the music has stopped and I’m saying, loud and clear – things have got to change.”
Whoopee, some more of Britain's non-existent money to be spunked away on inquires into the perfectly fucking obvious. But I'd like to offer a translation to Cameramon's waffle if I may: the next expenses scandal will be five times harder to uncover and fifteen times worse. It mightn't be what he meant but I reckon it'll be what happens.

And if it turns out to be true then it's the most unforgivable aspect to the whole phone not-actually-hacking scandal. The Screws' dodgy methods may end up curbing press freedom to such an extent that the only way to get a worthwhile story, on a politician's misbehaviour for example, could be to break the law. That doesn't do many people any favours with the obvious exception of corrupt officials and politicians.
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