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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Further thoughts on Anders Behring Breivik

NORWEGIAN mass killer Anders Behring Breivik claims he is part of a network of up to 80 ''solo martyr cells'' of people wanting to overthrow Western governments that tolerate Islam.
Firstly I'm willing to bet that this boast of dozens more just like him is a complete fantasy, so-called links to the English Defence League notwithstanding. They may share some common opinions, though I very much doubt that shooting unarmed innocents because they don't share your politics is one of them. So this network of solo martyr cells is probably at best some people he's met who he's convinced himself will do something similar once he'd got the ball rolling, and in all likelihood those people are all sitting aghast at the thought that they'd once been in a room with someone who'd become a mass murderer. In short these cells almost certainly don't exist outside of Breivik's own head, though you can expect that many police forces will be looking very hard to be sure and many politicians will be looking at this as an opportunity for a bit of a crackdown on the EDL and others who share any of Breivik's opinions. The worry there is that in 1,500 pages of writing, some of which has apparently been lifted from other sources (including the Unabomber, FFS - another complete fucknuts), there might be things he's said that I agree with (or not - I honestly don't know since I haven't read a single word), and I'm damn sure I'm not I'm not a cell. I've agreed with parts of Labour and Conservative manifestos and not voted for either because I disagreed with enough of both - a few thoughts in common does not a supporter make and more than agreeing with the sixth commandment makes one a Christian.

The other thought about Breivik (or is it Berhring Breivik? Anyone know?) is that with all this background about him coming out - mention of a privileged upbringing and being a mollycoddled mother's boy being just two that headline links that I didn't click - there's one missing and which I suspect will stay missing. We're not hearing anything from the ex-girlfriends, and I'm not holding my breath since a bloke who craves what might be called 'the tactical look' and likes to pose with a rifle with all sorts of torches and accessories and a bayonet attached probably didn't have one.
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