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Thursday, 28 July 2011

A message for Mac users

Safari 5.1 is shithouse and Steve Jobs needs to do something about the Cupertino circle jerk that perpetuates the myth that every idea Apple shits out is automatically wonderful because it's Apple. Although it's got a couple of nice new features such as the reading list they still haven't got true tab duplication - i.e with histories, the way Opera has done for fucking ten years or more - some of my extensions don't work, one critical one work properly because 5.1 incorporates so many changes that the poor buggers that wrote are saying they've had to rewrite almost from scratch. It's also become very sluggish with more than a few tabs open, prone to beach balling, very temperamental if even one tab has any video content - which is half the content on any news site these days - and worst of all the fucking thing has fallen over on me so many times this morning I'm half tempted to check to see I didn't install a beta by mistake. This is Internet Explorer territory. If you haven't downloaded it already think carefully before you do - check every extension and plug in for compatibility, and make sure you've got a backup in case for when the problems outweigh the benefit of the new features. At the current rate of annoying things happening I'll have given up on it and gone back to 5.0 by lunchtime, and it's now a quarter past eleven.

This has been an anti-Apple rant/public service announcement. Never forget that all big companies, even ones that make some nice products, can be a shower of cunts from time to time.

UPDATE - And just under an hour later I've lost my patience entirely and gone back to the last version of 5.0.
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