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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The yPad

I'm still struggling with this bloody gadget. Not struggling with using it because I haven't got one, but struggling to understand the point of the bloody thing. On the one hand it's like a smartphone that's way to big to fit in your pocket and can't make ordinary phone calls, and on the other it's keyboardless laptop with a shite OS and not much processing power. Maybe I'll undergo some Damascene conversion one day but a year and a half or so on the iPad and its spawn still look to me like the worst of both worlds. And now it turns out there's yet another reason for not buying one: the office won't fucking leave you alone.
A survey of 300 Australian IT workers and their bosses has found employees were frequently using their own smart phones and tablets to send work emails.
Thirty-four per cent had sent work emails while on holidays, surprisingly, the same amount that had sent a work email from public transport.
Other private places where work emails were being sent were the bed, for 23 per cent surveyed, and restaurants, for 21 per cent.
So as many as two fifths could have ended up working when they were either getting lucky (come on, they were awake for a reason) or lining it up? Fuck that.
Nineteen per cent had worked from a place of worship.
Not the confessional, surely? Even though there's an app for that (yes, really) the Vatican have put the kybosh on the idea. But still, if you're the sort to go to church what the hell are you doing answering office email, and if you're not the sort to go then you're either there as a tourist or at a ceremony for someone else, i.e., a wedding, christening or funeral. And in any of those cases you're there on your own time and what the fuck is so important they can't leave you alone 'til Monday?

More to the point, this isn't iPads and iPhones provided by companies but the employees own devices. My boss knows where to get me every single waking moment, even when I'm parking my breakfast, but then I'm him so he's got an excuse. When some poor bastard doesn't have the upsides that go with that and is always getting his ear bent anyway via a device he's forked out the thick end of a thousand bucks of his own money on it's just insane. As I said before, fuck that.

Learn to be out of touch, guys. If anyone wants me leave a message.
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