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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Seriously, New Zealand?

I mean, seriously?
Over-zealous officials are said to have banned bagpipes from the terraces amid fears that they could distract Scotland's opponents - despite the fact that they have featured in previous tournaments around the world.
Well, it's their stadium terraces so it's up to them, but the justification seems pretty silly. I suppose there might be something in the idea that the sight of a man in a skirt apparently fisting a screaming octopus is distracting, but since Scotland have yet to win the World Cup and haven't won the Six Nations since it was still the Five Nations possibly, just possibly, it's no more distracting than that French brass band who play like they're on amphetamines or Phil Vickery's face. Or that war dance that the national team of a certain south Pacific island nation do before every international match.
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