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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Cover to cover - Il Brutto

For The Bad we have a longer song. Whatever you think of Roger Waters still trading on the success of The Wall thirty years or so on the fact that he actually can, and that post-Floyd he's done three solo albums and it's still The Wall which sells, shows what a bloody good album it was. Still is. And if you know the story it tells maybe you'll remember the bit where the eponymous Pink is getting medical treatment and flashbacks of his childhood or, in the film version, a wasted and extremely fucked up Pink is in his hotel room shortly before he's due to do a gig and needs injections from the medics who helped his manager kick the door in just to get him into a state where he's able to go on. If so then you'll certainly remember Comfortably Numb. Not a happy song and not really all that comfortable, but what a bit of story telling by Waters and what a bit of music by David Gilmour.

And what the fuck were The Scissor Sisters thinking of doing some kind of wanked up disco version? I don't hate The Scissor Sisters but I cant stand that cover and I won't blame anyone who doesn't make it to the end of the second video, even if it is only half as long as the original version. I probably won't myself unless I see someone throwing bloody steaks into the water to get those sharks revved up.

Bad news. The sharks didn't eat any of them.
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