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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Who cares?

So Sarah Palin, someone I'd probably agree with on several issues while at the same time suspecting she may be a little mad, has supposedly had some Bolivian marching powder while on a snowmobiling trip, smoked marijuana at college and had a one night stand with a professional basketball player. And to that I'd say simply, so what if she has? Seriously, so what? Who died as a result? Nobody. I don't see the attraction but coke has gone up enough noses, particularly noses of fairly wealthy people and certainly some politicians, without doing any appreciable damage to much beyond their own septums that I really can't see what difference one more or less makes. As for weed, many students past and present have smoked it, and again some will end up being politicians. Do you really believe Bill Clinton didn't inhale? Really? Or Obama? In fact we can be pretty certain he did because when asked he said he thought inhaling was the point. Ah, but the basketball player. Scandal, sharp intakes of breath, miscegenation, ruined marriage... oh, give over. If it happened it was before she married and in this day and age should be a non-issue, not to mention it's bugger all to do with anyone other than the people concerned. Come on, if she's supposed to be as mad as a crate of badgers there ought to be something better than that to put everyone off the idea of her being president. Except there's not really a lot of point since she's not running for president, so the question stands: who cares?

In other news, son of former Labour leader so useless he couldn't even defeat John bloody Major is accused of being gay by wife's enemies who are trying to prevent her becoming PM of Denmark.


This isn't news, it's fucking soap.
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