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Friday, 16 September 2011

Prizes for all

The Total Politics blog awards category that I was really interested in is now up, and half my blogroll seems to be in it. The top 40 Libertarian Bloggers include many well known names, and of course it should be no surprise by now that Leg-iron's there as well - I might have a look in the Green and Left Wing lists to see if he's on them too - Dick Puddlecote's climbed to number 5 this year, Max Farquar, the Ambush Predator and Pat Nurse all feature again. And sneaking in near the bottom are the ramblings, occasionally obscene and frequently obscure, of a potty mouthed expat hanging upside down by his feet on the bottom (but most definitely not the arse) of the world.

You've been a wonderful readership. Uh-huh-huh.
I must remember to whore myself shamelessly again sometime, but the one I feel most deserves the spotlight is Orphans of Liberty. James and Longrider only started the Orphanage up five months ago and it's nice to see it at number 13. Being a contributor I'm biased of course, but I hope it does as well in the Group Blogs category.
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