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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I've an idea about striking.

Since the private sector pay for the wages of the public sector via their taxes, and since the public sector employees actually do better than the private sector - and very much better when pensions are considered - why doesn't the private sector, and I mean fucking all of it, go out on strike first? From the fat cats down to the janitors and teaboys, everyone outside waving signs and breaking in donkey jackets to protest their continued bleeding to fund the public sector vampires feeding at their throats, and the government's continued dithering and failure to provide meaningful cuts when there's so much waste to choose from. Just for a few days, maybe a couple of two dayers a fortnight apart, something like that. And since no income is being earned and no profits are being made the tax take will suffer accordingly - and incidentally, fuck you, Richard Murphy - and the union dinosaurs can be invited by George Osbourne to take up the responsibility of working out how to make the money go round.

Nice dream, eh? Shame it won't happen so long as all the main parties are wedded to big state ideal, feel they can increase the deficit at a whim and lack the balls to tell the unions to go piss up a rope. There'll be no Randian strike, much less a private sector general strike, but there will be a continued migration of productive business out of the UK to wherever they can turn a profit without hearing the sound of the government unzipping its fly behind them.


Bill said...

Or we could simply stop paying our council tax which is an illegal tax anyway and we could keep 646 MP's locked up every April so there is no-one around to pass the emergency income tax bill into law for another year.

Angry Exile said...

An idea close to my heart. For years I've felt that the State Opening of Parliament would be the ideal time to get a load of bricks and cement hidden just around the corner, and as soon as they're all in to wall up all the entrances before they can get out again. Selling the TV feed as they began to eat each other would more than cover the costs.

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