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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ch ch ch ch changes.

Regular commenters will have noticed that I've been buggering about with the comment options in Blogger, and like some teenager that's never quite happy with the colour of their bedroom I'm not entirely satisfied with any of the options. So I've been looking at other options and have decided to give Disqus a whirl. I'm currently waiting for it to import the existing comments (right now it just says 'Queued for import, progress 0.0%' and 'Depending on the size of your blog, it may take a while for this to complete' - no kidding, it's been like that for ten minutes) so in the meantime older comments probably won't appear and newer ones... well, I suppose they should be okay and the older ones will be along presently.

And yes, this whole post is just an excuse to put a clip of David Bowie on.

P.S. - feedback on the new Disqus powered comments would be welcome. Any comments using the word 'disqusting' will be instantly punished with a fortnight's unpaid holiday with Gordon Brown.


Oldrightie said...

"a fortnight's unpaid holiday with Gordon Brown." Now that's a disgusting thought, Sir.

Bucko said...

Ne Omm ts sys m h? Sou d in est ng.
L kin f war to se ing t wh n ts d e.

JuliaM said...

Works fine on the desktop (running Firefox), will check it out on the iPhone (running Safari) later.

JuliaM said...

Works on iPhone too... :)

Bill said...

This is a test post of the misplet Discuss comment system.

Angry Exile said...

Either it's fucked or Bucko's been on the Guiness.

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