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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I wonder how this news is being taken.

Warn? So we can do precisely what about it? Sell any shares in Kodak? Or are the researchers warning of the implications as regards the solar and planetary magnetic fields? Who knows, The Tellytubbygraph doesn't say beyond noting that it's a sign of less activity of the kind that causes solar flares and "sun sports" (sic), which sounds like disastrous news for cricket fans and men who appreciate beach volleyball for its athletic content, honest.

So how do we look at this article? You could, if your mind works a certain way, choose to view this as a reminder of the massive influence that the fat end of two thousand trillion trillion tonnes of fusing hydrogen parked, in astronomical terms, almost on our doorstep inevitably must have on the Earth. On the other hand you could, if your mind works in a different way, be sitting there wondering if there's a way you could plausibly blame this on global warming. That warble gloaming is even automatically associated with this by Google Ads means I'm sure it's crossing a few minds.
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