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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Weekend Weird.

Pity your poor pizza delivery guy. Like the postman, you have absolutely no idea what he's gone through to get that TV dinner to your door. Neither rain, nor snow nor gloom of zombie apocalypse will stay...

... wait, what?

Yes, those are New Zealand accents and no, they don't normally moan and shamble about like that over the ditch (far from it if the recent pasting the All Blacks gave the Wallabies here is anything to go by). This is a viral marketing campaign for New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza, where the viewer makes a decision for Steve the pizza delivery guy at the end of each clip in a choose-your-own-ending style of fing. At stake is a year's supply of pizza, at least for those in New Zealand, and presumably all the brains you can eat.


Bill Sticker said...

How come she's been chased by zombies onto a shipping container and she still has the right money for the pizza guy? No tip either.

JuliaM said...

I often feel that the makers of adverts show a hell of a lot more creativity than the producers of multi-billion dollar Hollywood extravaganzas...

Angry Exile said...

Bill, I imagine that NZ dollars would cease to be a relevant medium of exchange in the event of a zombie apocalypse and be overtaken by the baseball bat with nails in as currency. Mind you, she didn't have a baseball bat with nails in either.

Julia, the trouble is that for every spoof zombie pizza advert there's a bunch of Shake 'n' Vac quality ads, especially Down Under. Seriously, some of them are watchable for their awfulness, such as one advertising forklifts (of all things to advertise on TV) with a cheesy song about picking things up and putting them down again (not making this up). Others have passed through that zone and into the realms of being so irredeemably naff and/or deeply annoying that the zombie apocalypse would come as something of a relief.

Anonymous said...

Mike age 74

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