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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bloody whinging .coms

Possibly because the UK election got some pretty good news coverage here I think are a little upset that it's not wall to wall coverage of the Aussie election in the UK.
THE federal election may feel bigger than Ben Hur in Australia, but it barely caused a ripple in England's press on Sunday.
While Sky News and the BBC have been regularly updating their viewers on TV and online, the uncertainty surrounding the winner saw the coverage thrust deep inside the international news pages of most of the major Sunday papers.
Oh, boo hoo. To use the local phrase, harden the fuck up. Besides, the first place I tend to look for UK news is The Tellytubbygraph, and second item on their home page this evening? Well, just have a butchers.

Would I be a million miles off if I speculated that the Murdoch owned is looking first at the other Murdoch owned media in Britain, and that those sister publications aren't showing much interest in the Australian election? Well, to be honest I've no idea because their boss put The Times behind a fucking paywall and I'm not even going to bother checking to see if The Sun/Nudes of the World bothered to make Aussie politics a higher priority than pictures some girl with her sweater kittens out. But they might have.
The Sunday Times had a two-paragraph story at the bottom of its front page on the election, pointing to a larger story in its international news pages.
Well? It was still on the fucking front page, wasn't it? And if it's to be decent coverage then it has to be in depth inside the paper, yes?
But that was as prominent it got in the newspapers, with The Independent initially more titillated with Mr Abbott's budgie smugglers than the results of the election.
On page 23 of the broadsheet, columnist Katy Guest light-heartedly took Abbott to task for being photographed so regularly in his swimmers.
"The Australians are smart people who have voted with their consciences, but have they made the right choice?" she wrote.
"It could be hard for the world to think sensibly about their prime minster's policies on immigration if our minds can't help turning to the last little shrimp on the barbie."
Yeah, okay, I'll give this one. That's just fucking appalling journalism. I've been here long enough to know that they're prawns. Besides, a quick look at their sites show Australian election related stories with picture linked on the home pages of not only The Independent but also The Graun and the Mainly Fail (and Julia Gillard didn't even need to put a bikini on). And I'm not even trying particularly hard, here.

Frankly that's not bad coverage for a country still dealing with the results of its own recent general election and the current leadership election of what was until then the governing party.
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