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Monday, 2 August 2010

Quiet round here.

Light blogging will continue this week. No milk till Saturday and please leave any post with Mrs Pebblethwaite at number 14.


Captain Ranty said...

Have a giggle at this while you are having some downtime:


Anonymous said...

WAKE UP: Muslims use a 'trick' to get reach a demographic advantage: The suppression of the rights of the women!...

Call spread in the INTERNET:
- Unmarried fathers in traditionally monogamous societies!!!
{Sexual education without Taboos or Neo-Taboos: Artificial wombs - a scientific priority research}

There are still dumb people, who believe in fairy-tales,... but we must look reality into the eyes:
- In traditionally polygamous societies, only the strongest males have children.
- However, to be able to survive, many companies had the need to mobilize/motivate the weaker males in the way, that they were interested in the fight for the protection of their identity!... In fact, the analysis of the sex taboo, (in traditionally monogamous societies), we see that the real purpose of the sex taboo was the social integration of sexually weaker males.

In traditionally polygamous societies is it natural, that only the strongest men have children, NEVERTHELESS the traditionally monogamenen societies must accept their history! That is, these societies can´t treat the sexually weaker males like the trash cans of society! This means, that men (with good health) rejected by females should have the legitimate right to an ARTIFICIAL womb...

COMMENT: Sexual incompetence doesn't mean to be useless... in fact, the weaker males already showed their value: the technologically advanced societies... are traditionally monogamous societies!

COMMENT 2: Nowadays, on one hand many women are looking for men with a bigger sexual competence, specially men from traditionally polygamous societies: in these societies, only the stronger men have children, they choose them and refine the quality of the men.
On the other hand, nowadays many men from traditionally monogamous societies look for females from other societies, that are economically weakened [soft]...

JuliaM said...

Ooh, enjoy your hols!

Angry Exile said...

CR, not that there's a good time of year to be stuck in the outback but I know from personal experience that it can be fucking cold out there this time of year. Incidentally, other reports on that story mention that they (a) had to get by on a few sarnies and bottled mineral water, and (b) were, to my embarrassment, fellow poms. The SMH kindly didn't mention it but the UK papers did. They also did (c) which was attempt to walk to safety instead of (d) which is stay with the fucking vehicle unless you're going to die if you stay put.

ZiegfriedJohnny, er... that's nice. Not sure how it all relates to me sciving off blogging for a few days, but never mind.

Julia, I did thanks. Pissed down mostly. Lovely reminder of Ole England. :-)

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