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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Generous or mugs?

Big hearted this...

... while down here there's been some criticism that Australia isn't giving generously.
World Vision Australia chief executive Tim Costello has said that Australians have a "compassion blind spot" when it comes to the Pakistan floods.

World Vision has raised about 785,000 dollars in the three weeks for the Pakistan disaster.

"A humanitarian disaster of this size anywhere else would have had, in my judgment, a much quicker, a much more generous, a much more instinctive response," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Costello, as saying.

Other aid agencies have also alleged that Australia's donation hotlines are silent on the issue.
But as a certain Grumpy Old Twat pointed out recently, Pakistan has a nuclear weapons program and an independent space program. That's one more than Britain has and two more than Australia. Christ, having looked at Britain's debt the way I did yesterday I think it'll be lucky if it can afford its own fucking TV programs for much longer.

The politicians aren't shamed, you fucknuts. They've just run out of your money for the moment.

Not that that's ever stopped the bastards for long.
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