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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Keeping the lights on - II

Just a brief one, this. On Monday night (though it was just gone midnight Tuesday morning when I hit the publish post button) I said I thought it was good to see alternative ideas for nuclear power, specifically a thorium based reactor, finding their way into the mainstream media (though I'd be interested if anyone reading this from the UK bought The Telegraph and can shed some light over how much coverage it got in the print edition). Nearly 24 hours later and I can add that it's even better that it seems to be getting a decent amount of interest.

Hopefully Polywell fusion might get a page or two next.


Oldrightie said...

This will only happen once the oil moguls have control of the material to exploit!

Angry Exile said...

Jeez, if LFTR can be built as long as somebody does bloody exploit it who cares if they were in oil before? I'd say its far more likely that the oil boys, not to mention the coal and gas boys, will join the uranium based nuclear industry in trying hard to make this go away. I wouldn't bet on them spending money on changing to a cheap energy source that they don't know much about. The usual form is to protect what they're doing now by finding an easily influenced politician and dripping money in his pocket and poison in his ears.

selsey.steve said...

Oil and coal might go against the thorium reactors but the biggest objectors will be the greens. It would rob them of their raison d'etre.
Clean fuel, waste negligible, cost affordable, fuel prolific.
It's a green's nightmare!

Angry Exile said...

Steve, that's pretty much what I said in the earlier post. There are some more moderate types about who are supportive, ones who genuinely believe in warble gloaming from CO2 and are concerned about long term waste problems from current nuclear power, and even concede that renewables aren't going to provide anything like enough power. Maybe they still worry about the n-word but to them this is preferable to the alternatives. The vocal ones though... yeah, you're right. They'll just hate it. As I said in the post they don't want answers, they want austerity.

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