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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Legal raid.

Fuck knows how three of the most egregious troughing cunts qualify for legal aid to defend themselves against the charges of being thieving bastards, but you know what? I'm not that surprised. This is a country that is almost criminally profligate with money taken at gunpoint from taxpayers. You can get 'free' money from the state having hijacked an airliner to get to the land of milk, honey and asylum so how much of a shock is it that three elected mongs who are charged with abusing their positions or privilege to enrich themselves by ways that are not just unseemly but actually crooked can have the poor bastard taxpayer ripped off yet again to pay for their defence? Not fucking much. It's the fucking mentality of it that gets me. Like children with chocolate all over their faces and mouth almost too full to speak they denied any wrongdoing (to say nothing of the shameful whoring of the Bill of Rights to try to get out of it) and having been caught they then head straight back to the taxpayer funded sweetie jars, pausing only to say 'What, me? I'm not doing anything wrong.' when their asked to kindly stop fucking helping themselves to money they don't fucking need or deserve. Incidentally, it's worth noting that it's just the Labour troughing bastards who went after legal aid and Lord Hanningfield, the Tory facing charges, did not. Still a bastard, but perhaps one with a slightly better grasp of what people are likely to think of him if he asked for legal aid than Morley, Chaytor and Devine.

A better grasp than Colostomy Brown as well, who began by saying nothing until DING said the Tories would put a stop to this sort of thing so pleeeeeeease vote for him. Finally, having been put on the spot during a radio show phone in, the Cyclopean prick said they'd have to repay the legal aid money.
"I think this money will have to be paid back by these politicians.
"I think the evidence is that people in their position will have to pay back the money - or most of the money - they get in legal aid.
"We have actually abolished this free legal aid from the end of June, so it has to be means-tested from the end of June and they wouldn't have got it in these circumstances.
"The law has changed, so I think the money will have to be paid back."
First off, it's not yet the end of June so this is Gordon wanting retrospective application of laws again. Remember that if the cunt wins on May 6th - what is legal for you to do now may not have been in the future* if he gets his way. Secondly, it's more likely that this is just empty noise and that he knows he can do precisely square root of fuck all about it. NuLab have had thirteen years to prevent legal aid abuse and didn't think it was as important as covering the country in cameras while persecuting any citizen wanting to use their own, destroying the pub trade via the smoking ban, putting everyone possible on some form of database, giving the police carte blanche to go DNA harvesting, and creating a few thousand new laws that no-one can possibly be expected to remember but that can get you fitted with a Peckham Rolex for selling a fucking goldfish. But since legal aid abuse will have the cracks papered over be fixed in a couple of months we're supposed to be deliriously happy and re-elect the cunts?

Well, we'd certainly have to be delirious.

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JuliaM said...

"Secondly, it's more likely that this is just empty noise and that he knows he can do precisely square root of fuck all about it. "

Correct. A few lawyers looked up from their claret and roast beef long enough to point out to the monocular cretin that it's the judge who decides that.

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