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Friday, 30 April 2010

Banana republic Britain - UPDATED

Via Grumpy Old Twat I see that the government's twatter scar Tsar(ina) has done whatever the female version of shutting your balls in the drawer.*
Looks like Kerry McCarthy the twitter twat tsar has already, and apparently illegally, published some postal vote results online via her twatter account.

Kerry's tweet has now disappeared. No change there then.

However, the results were also tweeted on the official Labour Party twitter feed too...
And GOT has a nice screencap of it too, which is just as well because it has now disappeared. Horses and barn doors, much like Colostomy Brown's slagging off Labour voters. Plus Guido's got Kerry McArsehole's tweet anyway.

Labour: A Future Fair Fixed For All Us.

UPDATED: Also here and here and here. From the first one of those:
For reference, Ms McCarthy was a lawyer and then a Government whip. In both capacities, she might reasonably be expected to have a decent grasp of electoral law.
For reference, Ms McCarthy is a politician and a member of the parliamentary Labour party. In both capacities she might reasonably be expected not to give a flying fuck.

* UPDATE 2 - thanks to commenter delcatto, who tells me that the female equivalent is catching your tits in a mangle.


delcatto said...

The female equivalent is catching your tits in a mangle.

microdave said...

How many females still have a mangle, these days???

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