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Thursday, 19 November 2009

This is what Britain has to look forward to.

What does Cameron think would prevent a repeat of the MPs' expenses scandal? Short listing honest people perhaps? Withdrawing the whip from any who take the piss by claiming expenses for things that aren't actually needed for work purposes? No, of course not. Straight from the NuLaborg policy making handbook, the mongtard backs the new law idea and is moaning that it's not in the Queen's speech.
The Conservative leader said it was "disgraceful" that Gordon Brown had not mentioned MPs' expenses in Wednesday's Queen's Speech the crisis that has gripped Parliament for six months.
Mr Cameron said: "We need a clarification about when they will be bringing forward this law and what it will consist of."
"I think that the Queen's Speech is today unravelling because the Government is now saying, apparently, that they will now bring forward these laws," he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme .
"If that happens that will be a major victory for common sense, for the Conservative party, and for the British public who want to see this sorted out.
"Either the Government is incompetent and hadn't realised that Kelly's report requires these laws to be passed or they are frightened of their own backbenchers, or perhaps they don't think that cleaning up the House of Commons is as important as they said it was."
What fucking good is that going to do, eh, fuckchops? Instead of MPs claiming for what they need to do the job there'll still be 600 or so venal, troughing, nest-feathering bastards working out what they can get away with and claiming for that. The problem is the people as much as the system and so far none of the main parties seem interested in easing out any but the worst cunts on their benches. You want a new law? Read The Plan - open primaries and the right for constituents to recall their MP if they're corrupt/lazy/thick as pig shit. What's wrong with the system is that the party leaders don't have the balls to tackle the shites (possibly because of a few less than convincing claims of their own?) and that means the answer is to take it out of their hands altogether. They're employees and the taxpayers pay the wages and the expenses. You don't need new laws, you just need oversight.

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xmfclick said...

Look, what is so bloody difficult about all this? On the basis that "sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants" all you have to do is put every MP's expenses claims on the Web. Everything, right down to the last tin of cat food and giant TV screen, no exceptions. There would be plenty of people more than happy to keep an eye on what Honourable Members were claiming for, which should keep the thieving bastards on the straight and narrow.

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