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Friday, 20 November 2009

Advertising feature: the benefit of satnav.

Seriously, some people really need it.
An Australian grandfather became an accidental adventurer when he took a wrong turn while going for a drive to get the milk on Monday morning, and ended up 600km (370 miles) off course on an epic road trip across Australia.

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Point of order: that's not an epic road trip across Australia. This is an epic road trip across Australia.

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Anyhow, carry on.
Eric Steward, 81, was visiting friends in Yass, in south-eastern New South Wales, when he went for a short drive, but took a wrong turn down a highway and ended up across the border in Geelong, just north of Melbourne in the southern state of Victoria.
Er, sorry, me again. Geelong is just north of Melbourne in the same way that Southampton is just north of London, and by a similar distance. Oh look, since whatever muppet at The Times pulled this off the web without bothering to look at a fucking atlas or even Google maps first let's hand it over to The Daily Telegraph (no, not that one).
"I just like to drive", the 80-year-old told police when he arrived at an Avalon service station, just outside Melbourne, nine hours after a morning trip to get the paper in Yass, near Canberra, went comically astray.

The saga began about 7.15am on Monday, when Eric, who was staying in Yass with his wife Clare, popped out to get a paper and go for a drive, as he does each morning.

But as Clare watched the hours pass without any sign of Eric, little did she know he had embarked on an unintended 600km detour down the Hume Hwy, all the way to the outskirts of Geelong.

"He went out to get the paper like he normally does about 7.15am and he's usually gone for about an hour or two, when he didn't come back I thought something was wrong," Clare said.

"He's a good driver..."
Insert Rain Man gag here if you really must.
Several hours later, Eric's distressed wife called to ask where he was.

Eric's response drew stunned silence.

"I said 'are there any signs around' and he said `West Gate Bridge'," Clare recalled.
Not the most photogenic bridge in Australia - actually not even the most photogenic bridge in Melbourne - but well known for not being anywhere in New South Wales. Funnily enough that's not the first sign Eric ought to have seen. There's this one just north of Yass itself.

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