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Friday, 13 November 2009

Job ops for wankers.

Safe seat needed for Harriet Harperson's husband. Apparently the one in front of the TV and near the box of Kleenex wasn't as safe as he'd thought. Or should we expect even more marrieds and shacked ups in Parliament now? I mean if you can't get away with calling your sister's spare bedroom a fucking second home anymore then you'd more than make up what you've lost by getting your shaft shuffling, bishop bashing, chook choking, monkey spanking husband in Parliament and putting in expense claims of his own.

Shites, the pair of 'em.

EDIT: Duh. Wrong wanker. I was thinking of Mr Jerkie Jacqui Smith


JuliaM said...

"Safe seat needed for Harriet Harperson's husband."

Looks like he might not be able to count on this one after all.

The locals would prefer to stick with a local MP no-one wants to vote for, rather than a parachuted-in Londoner wants to vote for.

It's a winning strategy, I tells ya! :)

Angry Exile said...

I'm not holding my breath. They said the same thing about St Helen's South when Laborg parachuted ex-Tory Shaun Woodward into the safe seat there. Lots of cries of a favoured candidate being imposed on the locals by the Parliamentary Laborg Party in spite of him (a) being a labour part member for five minutes (b) being one of the hated Tories before that (c) being posh and minted and hitherto a good target for class envy and (d) being less familiar with St Helen's than the arse end of one of Saturn's outer moons. And then as soon as they rang the bell vast numbers of the reliable Laborg vote came out stumbling and moaning 'braaaaaiiiins' and put a cross by his name anyway. Sure, turnout was down and fewer voted for Woodward than his predecessor but in wasn't a close call by any stretch. I really wouldn't be surprised if Porno Jack gets in there (oo-er).

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