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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Things I still don't get about Australia - No. 10

The complete inability of any TV network to start programs on time. Yes, this used to piss me off in Britain too but unless they've got a lot worse in the past couple of years or so the UK channels have got nothing, nothing on the commercial channels here. This isn't the two or three minutes I used to tut about - I shit you not, I've known things to start ten or twelve minutes late here. The other day Mrs Exile told me about something she was watching that started on time, and the fact that this was noteworthy enough for her to tell me* tells you how fucking rare that is, but still ended more than five minutes late. This isn't live event type TV that can overrun by the way. Obviously that can go tits up and play havoc with the scheduling, though how anyone here is expected to actually notice when that happens is anyone's guess. No, we're talking about regular pre-recorded programs, many of them US imports and therefore running at a convenient 40 minutes or so long to allow for plenty of ad breaks and guff such as 'this program is brought to you in association with a product you don't want and might not even have the right genitals to use properly'.

So how the fuck do they manage to stuff up the times all the fucking time?

Execs of channels 7, Nine and Ten, I suggest you get a fucking clock each and learn how to use it before someone comes round and inserts one in you with the instruction to start the next program every time your arse rings.

* I'm not sure I believe her though. I've been here long enough to doubt it's possible.


JuliaM said...


That almost never happens here, unless it's due to a newsflash (and can't remember when we last had one of those, come to think of it) or a live event overrunning.

Angry Exile said...

Yeah, British channels are pretty good by comparison, though I recall programs starting late often enough that we usually had to fast forward through a few ads. But like I said, it was no more than a minute or two at the outside. No kidding, 5 minutes is fairly common here and 10 minutes happens often enough for me to wish all sorts of painful and humiliating genital injuries upon the bastards responsible.

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