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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Aussie beer advert

I don't usually laugh at animals getting hurt but this nearly made me spit tea.

Anyway, it's a stunt pigeon.


JuliaM said...


No, that would never get shown here. Prior to the Internet, Chris Tarrant made a nice living out of showing foreign adverts, I recall. They usually had me in stitches. It was amazing to see what you could get away with.

And they were genuinely funny - there seems to be very few UK ads that are that, these days.

The Scandinavian sex education ones were always the nest!

Angry Exile said...

Been a lot of mileage in that over the years. Clive James used to do it before Chris Tarrant, and I think there was a 'Someone Else on TV" for a short while after Chris Tarrant stopped doing it but I can't recall who. And did I imagine it or did Annie Wink Robinson do something similar for the Beeb? Don't remember the Scandinavian sex ed stuff though.

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