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Thursday, 17 September 2009

How the blogosphere is changing the world.

Recently I've been short of time to read other blogs as well as churn out something to put on my own, and this evening I've been playing a bit of catchup. No doubt I'm going to have to miss some stuff on the more prolific blogs, and that's not helped when I find a couple of fairly long posts that are worth reading more than once. Both are over at Thoughts On Freedom, the Australian Libertarian Society's blog. First is The Emperor's New Modem which talks about the internet, free speech and censorship, and second is RIP Big Media and goes into how three very newsworthy events were largely missed by the mainstream media in as many weeks, leaving coverage of them pretty much on teh interwebs.
Students of history, of journalism, of sociology: mark this month in your diaries. Mark this month well, because this is the month that what was formally called “mainstream” media was officially pronounced dead.


Three stories. Three weeks. First a key player in the Obama Administration fell. Then hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans staged an unprecedented march on the White House. Finally, a national, multi-million political advocacy group was destroyed.

And Big Media was blissfully unaware.

It doing so, they have signed their own death warrant and passed the baton of scrutiny over to citizen journalists around the country.

The fourth estate is dead. Long live the fourth estate.
And here I sit doing little more than ranting, swearing and editorialising. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.

Seriously, go read 'em.

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selsey.steve said...

I agree, blogs ARE changing the way we, the 'public' receive information. There's no dead hand on the tiller giving direction. It's a free for all.
May the best news provider win, and it's NOT going to be a name you know!!

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