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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Formula One and the latest cheats.

This is so going to be called 'crashgate', isn't it? When this first came out I found it very difficult to believe. First, if I was told to crash a car on purpose to benefit my team mate I'd tell them to fuck off - the cars are fairly safe but the risk of injury can't be ruled out. Second, to give that order to a driver gives him a huge hold over you if you both fall out later on, which given that Renault F1 later dumped Piquet Jr mid season seems to be pretty much what happened. Third, and following on from that, like all conspiracies you'd have to rely on everyone to keep shtum indefinitely. Fourth, given that the FIA wanted to ban Renault from a race just for not screwing a fucking wheel on properly, not to mention what happened with McLaren not so very long before, the likely punishment in the event of getting caught would probably be severe for all involved. In short everyone involved would have to be stupid, mad or both. So like David Coulthard I thought it seemed just a little bit too far fetched to be credible. Yet this week Renault have kicked the boss and chief engineer of its F1 team out on their arses and said that it will not be contesting the charges. What can be made of that? Either Renault expect to lose guilt or innocence notwithstanding, or there was some substance to the allegations after all. Which means that the team boss, Flavio Briatore, a man I've always felt was a prick, along with Pat Symonds and Nelson Piquet Jr, are also stupid and mad.

Looking forward to reading what fellow blogger and F1 fan Mummy Long Legs thinks of it all.


JuliaM said...

"In short everyone involved would have to be stupid, mad or both."

Or just greedy. Not for money, true, but for other things.

Never underestimate greed.

Angry Exile said...

Greed is a given, both as greed for victory and sporting recognition and greed for the money that comes with it. If you've ever seen retired sportspeople doing motivational speeches for companies they'll often say things along the lines of those not wanting it really badly shouldn't be in the game etc. Fine be me, good old enlightened self interest at work, but there's nothing enlightened about crashing into a wall on purpose. To allow the desire to win to overcome reason to such a large degree I think one would have to be stupid, mad or both.

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