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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Satire and truth, truth and satire.

So easy to get them mixed up these days. Perhaps I'm just a bit worn out from some crappy hours lately but I just couldn't laugh at the Mash's article on the National Lawnmower Sharing Agency because it's just so easy to imagine some twat filled committee meeting going 'fucking Daily Mash, we actually had that planned for next year'. And then there's NewsArse, which came out with this:
The UK’s Government and Opposition have both been threatened with prosecution for allegedly engaging in a “mutually beneficial” electorate-sitting arrangement for the last hundred years.


The arrangement between Labour and the Tories is said to be illegal, as neither party has registered as a totalitarian dictatorship.

A representative from Ofvote, the election watchdog, turned up at the House of Commons this morning to make it’s accusations.

Both Labour and the Conservatives were accused of taking turns to nanny the British people with a plethora of idiotic, ineffective and restrictive laws “for each other’s mutual gain and reward”.

“At first I thought Ofvote had got the wrong address,” said Prime Minister Gordon Brown. “Or that they didn’t realise the innocent nature of our arrangement with the Tories.”

The two main British parties are believed to have been reported by an anonymous whistle-blower, who wished only to be known as ‘Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats’.

“We received a tip-off from our source, codenamed Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats - you can print that, no-one will know who he is.”

“He told us that the British people were at risk from a two-headed totalitarian beast with a string of convictions for crap legislation,”
That's too close to the fucking reality to be funny.
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