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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A new conspiracy theory - UPDATED

Quick, grab the tinfoil before they tune in - this is at least ten layers' worth. Now they say they've got Bin Liner, right, and just about the same time Max Farquar goes off the air for technical reasons... or so they've told The All Seeing Eye.


... maybe there's some truth to the rumour (that I've just made up) that Max is six foot tall, possessed of a criminally suspicious tan and has a penchant for wearing a camouflage jacket and what looks like an undecorated pavlova on his head. And maybe he's been accidentally on purpose confused with Bin Liner on the orders of Phil the Greek for one too many royal blow job images on his site.

And HBO never even said his name was Phil
So who's really been dragged from their bed and killed in the wee hours of yesterday morning? Was it really Bin Liner sent to swim with the fishes or was it really the absent without adequate explanation Max Farquar? I suspect the truth shall only be known when Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star emerge from the sea and either explode or show a sexually suggestive photoshopped picture they've made.

Unless of course just comes back up the same as before, in which case we've all just wasted a lot of bacofoil.

UPDATE - Shit. It was just a waste of bacofoil after all. The fucker's back. At least I assume it's him, but possibly it's OBL with a pavlova on his head. Or something.
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