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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Moving the furniture

A bit of a redesign is in order around here. This is partly due to the increasing length of the blogroll, and partly because of all the blogs and sites in my RSS feed which ought to be on it and aren't, so it's mainly going to be a bit of blogroll maintenance and breaking it up into sections to make it a bit more user friendly. To begin with three blogs - The Passenger, Al Jahom's Final Word, and Is There More To Life Than Shoes - are going to be moved to the Red Dwarf stasis room since they appear to be in suspended animation already. Beyond that I'm not yet sure what shape things will take but expect some quietness around here for few days while I nut it out.

Unless of course I see something in the news that upsets me, in which case expect a torrent of bad language before a slide into a sullen silence.
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