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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Moving the furniture, revisited

So much for my mid-week designs on, er, designs for dealing with the excessively lengthy blogroll here and a general rearranging of the sidebars' furniture. I'd got as far as deciding to put the Orphans of Liberty, both the site and the blogs of the Orphans themselves, down one sidebar and the rest of my regular reads with a few RSS additions down the other, below which would be a few other sections like the Other Interesting Sites and Mainstream Media section as now but in the form of a drop down menu. Of course thanks to Blogger's problems of the last few days I've made precisely two fifths of fuck all progress toward it apart from having got a list of all the blogs and sites I want there and a notional set of sections to put them in.

However, like no doubt many other Blogger bloggers at the moment I'm considering a move to Wordpress. I've actually been toying with the idea for a while since the Intense Debate comments system I use here was actually designed for Wordpress and should play nicer over there. I've never been in the position to get rid off that annoying red note about comments below the banner since I put it there and it gets on my tits every time I look at it. Back when I began blogging I created one here and one at Wordpress, but since I found Blogger to be easy enough to use that the other has been sitting there dormant almost ever since. I've been fiddling with it off and on over the last few weeks trying to learn my way around it again, but it's all a bit half hearted since I can't find a template I like and I understand there's less scope for customisation than with Blogger. Even if that's wrong or out of date info the look of this place has evolved from a standard template into something I'm fairly happy with bar a few little details here and there, and which really only need tweaking a little bit.

So what do I do? Right now I'm trying to tread a middle path. exists and now has most of the content from this place moved across to it, though many posts are lacking images and comments are still a headache because over the course of it's life this blog has used three different ones, and this seems to be confusing things. Some Blogger comments are there, many are not, and none of the Intense Debate or the handful from my brief flirtation with Disqus are yet there - I don't even know at the moment if it's possible to move those but I'm hopeful for ID. So for the moment the shutters are still down while I play with the bastard and posts will continue to appear here, though they'll also be duplicated over at AEWP just to be on the safe side.

So for now watch this space. As long as you can still see it and if Blogger satisfies the world that the events of the last few days were a one off and are unlikely to happen again then I'll probably, though not definitely, stay put. If we get any repeats then you'll find me over at the Wordpress version of The Angry Exile. And if I can get that looking the way I want or at least am happy with a permanent move there is a distinct possibility.
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