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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Charm offensive

Reminding guests at the banquet of his own British ancestry through his grandmother, [Barack Obama] filled his address to the Queen with warm and highly personal praise of her and the nation as a whole, to which the monarch replied: “That’s very kind.”
Does he want something? Wrong place, I'm afraid. The whole bloody country is boracic for much the same reason as America - both the present and past governments just can't stop themselves from spunking away increasingly vast sums of money on anything that looks shiny or that someone tells them is a good idea, and when they're unable to tap the citizens of the present for the cash they run up debt to screw the citizens of the future instead.

On the other hand maybe Obama's in the right place after all. The US has just about hit the borrowing buffers but, and I'm fucked if I know why, Britain still has some credit. And when it comes to borrowing money to hand it out to someone else Dave Cameron seems to be a girl who just can't say no, or a guy who lacks the balls to. All Barack Obama needs to do is change his initials to EU.
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