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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Oh for fuck's sake.

Following on from this, apparently a solution has been proposed: a snake ban.


Jesus fucking Christ. Yes, a snake is probably not an ideal pet unless you know what you're doing, and being a cat owner the other story wasn't pleasant reading for me. But the solution to everything these days seems to be another fucking ban or a licence or a regulator, and it's probably not. The owners of the cat that was eaten should be able to sue the owner of the python, though if there was a fucking python in the garden next door I wouldn't let my cats out precisely because of the risk one or both might end up inside the fucking thing. Still, the point is that this is something that individuals ought to be able to sort out either between themselves or in a court. As for the snake-as-a-gang-weapon thing, come on! Rules and laws and bans haven't kept fucking guns and knives out of criminal hands, and there's people pondering whether to legislate against snakes? Hardly a fucking policing priority I'd have thought.


JuliaM said...

You know, when I was writing that up, I was thinking 'How long until the Dangerous Snakes Act?'

Then I told myself not to be so silly...

Angry Exile said...

Yeah. It's hard to take the piss out of them when what sounds ludicrous is seized upon by some fuckwit as a good idea.

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