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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Come to Australia this summer.

Julia's blog about a gang using a snake to attack their victim prompted me to leave a Crocodile Dundee inspired comment ("that's not a snake - THIS is a snake") linked to one of the less welcome wildlife of central Oz, which in turn got Julia talking about something even worse. Something which, if anecdotes are to believed*, is venomous enough to occasionally make even heavily sedated people scream in agony on their way to the bright white light: the box jellyfish. And the only possible answer to that has to be the Scared Weird Little Guys:

Not that the wildlife is the only thing you need to worry about.

Tourism Australia hopes you enjoy your stay and would ask that you try to spend all your money before you're stung/eaten/bashed or otherwise killed to death.

* Yes, I realize that this may be bullshit for tourists and newcomers.


microdave said...

I've visited 'Oz twice - in 1984 & again in 1988. Oh and a brief stopover in 1997. I did most of the "Touristy" things, but it was only afterwards that I found out about many of the "nasties" like the Stone Fish on the Great Barrier Reef. With hindsight it's pretty obvious why you don't get told about these things - no bastard would go there!!!

Angry Exile said...

In a couple of visits and more than two years living here now I've only seen a couple of dozen dangerous animals outside of zoos, and all but two of them were NRL players. Being serious it's far less of a problem than the mundane dangers of living in a modern society that apply equally to the UK or any other industrialized country: car crashes, house fires, falling off ladders etc.

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