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Monday, 13 September 2010

Political Oasis.

Where Britpop had the Gallaghers' less than loving brotherly relationship now Britpolitic has the Milibands.
At least one Labour MP close to the centre of David Miliband's campaign has been heard in the House of Commons insultingly referring to his brother, Ed Miliband, as the character with a low IQ played by Tom Hanks in the 1994 Hollywood film.
Sources have said Forrest Gump is now a "fairly common" nickname used by members of the David Miliband camp for Ed Miliband.
Obviously one of them has to Fade Away into obscurity Little By Little while the other one gets to carry on with stuff like banning Cigarettes And Alcohol. My advice to the loser would be that sometimes you've got to Roll With It. Seriously, fellas, Don't Look Back In Anger or you'll just be Going Nowhere. D'ya Know What I Mean?

Alternatively you could give us all a laugh and smash each other in the face with musical instruments for a few years.


If anyone wants to add corny song jokes in the comments, please do. I'd happily carry on all night but I'm Outta Time.


Oldrightie said...

The whole thing is a Labour farce and charade. Millipede senior was always going to be crowned. Harpy will remain deputy dawg. She said so months ago!

Just Woke Up said...

MilliMajor and MilliMinor are professional EUSSR career politicians. Nothing funny there but it kinda sums it up neatly.

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