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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Just say 'no'.

'No', that is, to people hopelessly addicted to bossing everyone else around
If she's sensitive to smoke what's she fucking doing in here?
Yeah, I'm with you there, Billy, and judging by the round of applause you got so were the audience. Now that's a good sign and I'd like to think they would all be prepared to say 'no' as well, or if non-smokers at least 'let him smoke it, nobody's keeping you here'.

But I wonder if you can go back to that same Four Seasons hotel and enjoy a cigar in the bar now, or if the fat bitch won in the end.


Mummylonglegs said...

Fecking marvellous.

Arise Sir Billy of Connolly, Laird of Laughs and Patron Saint of Smokers.

It just makes you want to do it doesn't it?. It just makes you want to stand up and say NO (in a loud Scottish accent and bad trousers). You can only do it these days in the High Street and Pub Garden, but you can still do it. And if you did it in a pub garden or smoking shelter I reckon you would get a standing ovation.

Mummy x

Angry Exile said...

Glad to see you haven't vanished, MLL. Yeah, like I said on the other post, I don't want a cigarette and I haven't wanted one for years but these bastards make lighting up tempting just because I know how much it would annoy them.

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