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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Blogging Marie Celeste.

And that seems to be that, because everything else has been deleted. Again. It was there yesterday and vanished mysteriously at some point in the middle of the night for me, by the looks of it. What did I miss? What is the significance of five days and what was it too long for? Is she moving the blog to another host? Is she hanging up the keyboard? Is this temporary or permanent? Do I change the blogroll? Why the mysterious deletion of the posts that would presumably have shed light on all this? Did I miss something being on AEST? To be blunt, what the fuck's going on? Because from here it looks like the posts have all abandoned blog despite it being perfectly networthy leaving nothing behind but a cryptic message.


Captain Ranty said...


She originally said that she was fed up and that she was closing down in 5 days time, but later that day she changed her mind.

Nothing mysterious, just blog angst. A kind of despair for what other bloggers were writing about. She posted a particularly savage, and accurate, attack on Mr Guido Fawkes.


Bill Sticker said...

The writing was on her blog. She was getting pretty disillusioned a while back, wrote a 'goodbye' post and changed her mind.

I think she got pretty wound up by what Guido wrote re Hague and decided to shut up shop after a number of us gently reminded her that gossip and tittle tattle was what Guido is all about.

She'll be back. Writing and seeing your ID up there is a kind of drug. One of the most addictive there is.

JuliaM said...

I hope she does, she wrote brilliantly (and clearly from the heart).

And who said we all had to agree on everything 100% anyway? That's for the Left...

Rob F said...

I was confused, myself.

I can understand blog angst; I just don't understand why she has to delete all her blog posts.

I'm glad Juliette of 'The New Adventures of' fame didn't decide to go the same way recently, despite her disillusionment...

Angry Exile said...

I saw the post she did on Guido, though I didn't wholly agree with her and said so. But I'd go along with what Julia says there - who says we have some kind of party line? I don't agree with everything Julia says either but Christ she's a good read. And I know Mummy has said a couple of times that she was kicking it in only to change her mind and start up again, but like RobF I don't understand the blog deletion. The last post I saw was the one when she slagged of Guido, and the next time I look there's just one that says "5 days is too long, bye" which was a bit cryptic, not having seen the one CR mentioned to say she was closing in 5 days. All up to her of course, but since I can't see what was said ...

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