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Friday, 29 August 2008

Was that noise the sound of a penny dropping?

Well done Gordon! How perceptive of you. Yes, competitive sports at schools can produce winners. Give the man a fucking prize someone, now that it's allowed to have prizes again. Bit of a shame, as the Telegraph points out, that NuLabGov didn't honour it's manifesto promise to stop school playing fields being sold off. And an even greater shame that there's virtually no chance that you'll apply the same thinking, that competition is good, to education in general. Give the man a prize did I say? Well if this is genuinely a Damascene conversion then maybe a very small faux bronze medal - you're still a way off anything nearer a gold in my opinion Gordon. But if this is just more political grandstanding on the back of Olympic success then about a hundred weight of scrap dropped from a height would be more appropriate.
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