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Friday, 29 August 2008

ContactPoint database delayed

From the Telegraph, an update on the ContactPoint story. The good news is that someone has woken up to the data security issue.
The children's minister, Kevin Brennan, told fellow MPs: "We have identified some issues as a result of recent system tests which we are working urgently to address.
"I have therefore taken a decision today to postpone deployment until January 2009 to allow sufficient time to continue to test the system."

The bad news is that it's only been put back a few months due to some "glitches" that showed up in testing rather than being binned altogether. And that presumably the vast numbers of people with access to the database will remain the same. And that being a C-list slapper or a politician will in all probability still be enough to keep your kids off the database. And presumably it will still not have details for children of violent and abusive parents/guardians... kids not unlike poor Victoria Climbie, whose murder prompted this pointless and intrusive fucking exercise in the first place.

In short there is a delay while some "glitches" that may or may not be security related are fixed, and government data losses are in the spotlight at the moment so I can't believe even IngSoc NuLabGov is stupid enough not to want to make sure they're not heading for yet another public relations disaster. But all the other issues seem not to have been addressed at all.
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