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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Thank fuck I left the UK, in association with South Yorks Stasi

From the Mirror via the LPUK blog (also in Metro and the Yorkshire Post in a bit more depth):
Thirty under-age teenage drinkers have been arrested by police using anti-terrorist legislation.
Youngsters who use borrowed, stolen or forged IDs to get into pubs and clubs are being held under the new laws - which makes it an offence to misrepresent documents for ID purposes.
In six weeks 30 youngsters have been held. One case has gone to court.
Police said they have the backing of licensed traders.

Insp Neil Mutch in Sheffield, South Yorks, said: "It is one way of trying to keep kids out of clubs. The act was brought out for terrorism but it suits us very nicely."
But children and legal campaigners fear the youngsters could end up with Criminal Record Bureau checks ruining future careers.
The Children's Rights Alliances said yesterday: "We ask why there is no alternative to using terrorist legislation which wasn't drafted with this intent."

No, no, no Insp Mutch, we know the police and the government like to use legislation like this to go after trivial offenders but you're not supposed to fucking say it in public. And as for the local traders who support this shit, you're all cunts of the highest order and I hope your businesses go tits up in spectacular fashion, your spouses leave you, your

But going back to Inspector Mutch... well, who knows? Maybe he's an honest copper who doesn't like the misuse of anti terrorism laws to catch teenage pissheads and took the opportunity to stir up some shit by talking about it openly. Or perhaps he's an idiot who can't think of any other law to use (seriously, what the fuck did the police do before? Stand around scratching their balls because there wasn't an applicable law? Bullshit.) as well as a revolting authoritarian who sees nothing wrong with abusing the power that a law gives the police.
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