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Saturday, 24 January 2009

No admissions

Famous last words and all that. Plenty of people have commented on the Gordon's claim that there'd be "no more boom and bust" and how we're now entering a bust having just left a boom. But don't expect his arch twatness to admit it:
In an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, Mr Brown was told by Evan Davis: "'Boom and bust' - it's been a phrase much associated with you; you're hanging your head as I even say the words."
He replied: "No, I'm not hanging my head at all."
Mr Davis said: "You must regret the emphasis, or almost the hubris in the way you spoke about 'ending boom and bust'?"
The Prime Minister said: "We were dealing with an inflation problem."
Mr Davis replied: "No, but you said you'd end boom and bust and we've had boom and bust. Just admit it, we've had boom and bust. On your watch, we've had boom and bust."
Mr Brown insisted: "I've got to be absolutely frank. We've been dealing with global financial failure."
Mr Davis said: "But it is boom and bust, isn't it?"
Mr Brown said: "It's quite different from anything we've dealt with before."
Mr Davis asked again: "It's boom and bust, isn't it?"
Mr Brown said to Mr Davis, a former BBC Economics Editor: "Evan, you can't spend your time doing television programmes describing the failure of markets, and describing how speculators, and how the lack of ...
Yawn zzzzzzz. Needless to say there was a fair bit more along the same lines and the mind numbing repetitive denial got on my tits. Suffice to say that anyone hoping for him to grow the balls to admit he failed and that the boom and bust he claimed to have consigned to history has happened after all, not just in spite of him but in part because of him, is in for a fucking long wait.

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