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Friday, 23 January 2009

I work in the land Down Under

Also in the Daily Wail, and like me here in Australia, is Mat Taylor. Mat Taylor is a very clever guy. Before emigrating to Australia he was the finance chief at Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire, and now he's, er, well he's sort of still the finance chief at Fenland District Council except he works (presumably from home) in Adelaide. Via a Skype video call. Once a week. And gets 20 grand.

Well I don't blame him for moving to Australia. I don't even blame him for moving to Adelaide, which by all accounts is a very nice city and a bit more affordable than it is here in Melbourne. He's a very lucky man. Lucky because if he was in Melbourne I'd be tempted to find out where and piss in his letter box. And lucky, not to say a fucking supergenius, for persuading the stupid cunts on the council to let him work one day a week from 10000 miles away and be paid the same pro rata. Adelaide isn't going to be hard to love when you're getting $42000 a year and six days a week to enjoy it.

As the Pythons put it, you lucky, lucky bastard.

Edit: The Australian's take on it here.
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