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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Childcatcher II

Surfing through the Times Online I came across this. Words fail me, they really do.

Ok, they've stopped failing me now. What kind of a society is it where a bunch of weight fascists from the Local Government Association seriously propose taking kids from their parents because they're a bit on the chubby side? Christ alive, it might not be particularly good parenting but it's not child abuse either. Yes, there are health issues but who the fuck is the LGA to play surrogate parent? If they're so fucking concerned how about putting back some of the school playing fields that these dumb fucks have sold off over the years?

But it's not really about the health issue is it? It's about these busybodies thinking they have the right to run people's lives for them because they know best. This sort of thing has been tried before with disastrous results for those affected. I have only three words to say to the LGA:

Go fuck yourselves.
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