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Monday, 18 August 2008

And it's gold for Britain.

Well it didn't take long for Gordon Clown to emulate his old not best mate Tony in trying to bask in the reflected glory of successful British sportsmen and women. I suppose since Tony sucked up to the winning Ashes Rugby World Cup teams he sees no harm in doing the same, and compared to everything else making political capital out of sport is pretty insignificant. I suppose he'd be slammed as a discourteous bloody misery if he hadn't said anything, and since voters have the Hobson's choice of keeping Gordon or replacing him with almost as unpalatable alternatives I quite like him being damned either way.

But cheer up Gordon, I have some good news for you. An award for you and you alone that's been achieved entirely on merit. Yes Gordon, you are the winner of the inaugural Jeff Buckley Medal for being hopelessly out of your depth.
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